Hog Roast Catering In Wales

If ever there was a land that was appropriate for a feast such as hog roast then there can be only one. Wales is one of the world’s absolutely hidden treasures of beauty and intrigue and a place that the word unique was invented for. From the rolling and soaring hills of Snowdonia to the bustling magic of the country’s major cities, Wales is a land of contrasts like no other.

In a way there are comparisons to be made with other areas of the UK, though it is unlikely that you will find anywhere that can quite match the magic of Wales, such is the immenseness of the landscape and the richness of the people and language here. It is no surprise that this is a land of rich literature, poetry and music. It should also come as no surprise that Wales is a place where the people here love great food and one of the many dishes that is so popular in these parts is the roasted pig. Hog roast in Wales is becoming very popular indeed, and is proving to be very much in demand as a superb choice for the catering at any special event or function. In a way it all makes perfect sense. Hog roast has a certain rugged earthy quality to it, and that is not meant to sound disrespectful to the people who live here. Wales is a country of hard work, mining and industry and it feels as if there is something reflected in hog roast that somehow echoes all of that. However at the same time, hog roast belies its simplicity by providing those dining on it with an exquisite flavour and texture that is quite beyond anything you would expect, and this reflects the cultural eloquence of the Welsh people. It really is a dish of contrasts and one that can be suitable for almost any occasion.

The hog roast is a peculiar feast and one that has a wonderful story behind it that makes the hog roast Wales fascination even more interesting. Indeed the history of this fine old feast takes us way back in time to that most intriguing of periods, medieval Britain. Picturing the scene in medieval times is always a little bit of fun, made even more so by programmes like the excellent ‘Horrible histories’, which manages in such a humorous way to teach us more about our past than many a history teacher ever could. It seems that at some point in Medieval Britain, someone made the decision that the easiest way to cook a particularly large piece of meat such as a whole pig (it may have been a wild boar at the time) was to cook it very slowly over a fire, rotating the meat all the time to ensure it was cooked all over quite perfectly. I think it is fair to guess that this must have taken some practise to get right but get it right they did and the legend that is hog roast was born. It must have been a pretty taste feast too as this was recorded as a regular feast served up for the era’s more important people. It really must have something of a treat for it to be served to them.

“Great cooking, great visuals and great flavours”

Now little is known about when hog roast first made its Wales debut but it would be wonderful to imagine it taking place in one of the many grand buildings or castles dotted about Wales such as those around Caernarfon or what about near Chepstow? Just imagine how fantastic it must have been to dine on the wonderful tasting hog roast meat in a castle environment. We may not look back on history and miss many things but some of the decadent and ultra traditional elements of dining in those times are something that would be very welcome today and would certainly make those big get-togethers and corporate events even more enjoyable.

Talking of which, a hog roast in Wales event is a great opportunity to let people sample the incredible tasting meat that is hog roast. Hog roast does seem to be one of those meals that is just right for almost any occasion because almost everyone seems to love the taste of hog roast, perhaps from enjoying it at a festival or maybe having tasted it at a birthday party at a pub or a private venue. That said there are still lots of people who are yet to sample hog roast, though with the number of hog roast events being organised increasing on a seemingly weekly basis, it is likely that those who have yet to taste will do so very soon.

So what is so special about the taste of hog roast that is turning it into one of those catering essentials? What could it be that makes a hog roast Wales event so special? Well, hog roast is all about great cooking, great visuals and great flavours and it all has to start off where else but right here in Wales. You see one important aspect of the hog roast experience is the fact that the pig is carefully chosen for each event and that means a local pig each and every time. A local pig is chosen carefully bearing in mind the size of the event being catered for and the amount of fat on the pig as this is really important so as to keep the meat tender and super succulent, as after six hours slow roasting it would be quite easy for meat to dry out. The six hour roasting really does bring out some great flavours in the meat and it looks brilliant too. All the guests are sure to be very impressed with look of the hog roast in full swing and the amazing aromas it produces. But what about the taste, well it is as stunning as the views from the top of Snowdon on a clear day. Just a pity that it’s so difficult to cook a hog roast at the summit!

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