Hog Roast Catering In North Yorkshire

The largest ceremonial county in the whole of the British Isles is also the proud owner of the finest hog and spit roasting establishment in the whole of the United Kingdom. We love Yorkshire and there are simply so many reasons why this place is fast becoming one of the major hot-spots in terms of property ownership in Britain. Apart from its size, the history of Yorkshire stretches right back into the annals of time in areas such as Hog Roast Barney – this is clear to see. Back in the days when agriculture played such a huge role in the general economic picture of Britain, Yorkshire was crucial and highly critical to the survival of the nation. Today it is exactly the same, however it does so in a very different way – as it is one the major tourist attractions in Britain and the west of Europe – with beautiful places to visit and eat such as Hog Roast Harrogate, no less.

We love plying our hog roasting and bespoke spit roasting trade to the lovely people of North Yorkshire – as it is a region of discerning palates. Many folk who have never visited the rolling countryside and glorious hills of the Yorkshire Dales may have a slightly warped view; as it is often reported that the people of Yorkhire are somewhat dour. However, this could not be further from the truth, in truth. When travelling through beautiful rolling valley-towns such as Hog Roast Wigglesworth, it is a delight to see the sunny nature and happy disposition of the people as they wander about their business gently nibbling a wonderful hog roast sandwich provided by us – what a joy!

When in Yorkshire it is important to visit the famous Yorkshire Dales, as the limestone laden hill show a snapshot in time of our nations history. Along with this, while walking through the vales and witnessing the tarns, it is important to indulge in great food – and there is no finer way of doing this than to eat a fabulous bespoke hog and spit roast from us, without doubt! In Hog Roast Ripley you can let your hair down in true Yorkshire fashion, with a pork and stuffing roll in one hand and a pint of Black Sheep Ale in the other – there really are few things better than this in life. When it comes to our food which we so lovingly serve to all of our clients in the Yorkshire area – in places like Hog Roast Malton no less – we do so in a manner steeped in quality – it is why we are loved across the county. Many catering companies over the years have come and gone due to poor service, however it is our steadfast approach towards solid quality in all of our ingredients which ensure that our spit roasted food creates instant smiles within the body of the guests as a collective. Get yourself down to Hog Roast Braunston for epic food at any time.

Areas in and around North Yorkshire we offer hog roast catering too.Beverley, Bridlington, Brighouse, Carnforth, Cottingham, Driffield, , Filey, Grassington, Pateley Bridge, Helmsley, Hornsea, Humberston, Ilkley, Hull, Knaresborough, Leyburn, Market Weighton, Northallerton, Harrogate, Pickering, Pocklington, Poppleton, Richmond, Ripon, Scarborough, Selby, Settle, Skipton, Sowerby, Stamford Bridge, Tadcaster, Thirsk, Wetherby, Whitby, Haxby, York.

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We are an experienced catering company based in Yorkshire, the pioneers of DIY hog roast hire and can provide outdoor catering for between one hundred and three thousand guests, all provided by our professional and friendly staff using our excellent equipment and stock from refrigerated vans which are equipped with the latest in satellite navigation technology so everything goes off without a hitch on your big day. A hog roast is a fantastic choice of outdoor catering for any event. Whether you’re holding a family gathering, a birthday party, a charity event or any form of celebration a fresh and succulent hog roast will provide a great alternative to tired party foods and a wonderfully traditional touch to the festivities at any time of year. A hog roast isn’t only for large events either! A smaller gathering can become beautifully cosy as our friendly staff serve your hungry guests an informal buffet style feast. Alternatively we offer a full DIY Hog roast service, we’ll provide you with our catering equipment and all the supplies you’ll need to prepare the food, so you can impress your guests with the juicy roast you’ve prepared yourself!

Served simply as a roast with our range of fine sauces on baps and baguettes or with a selection of delicious sides, from salads to steaming roasted vegetables, to accompany the delicious roast, and it isn’t limited to the classic hog, we can supply great alternatives such as beef, lamb or speciality game. The Roast itself provides a wonderful visual centre to any event and a comforting rustic conversation point for your guests.

At a recent University graduation ball, the food had been supplied by hog roast catering. Having not tried hog roast before for their event, this particular customer was well-known in the Yorkshire area for he had held many successful events during the past few years. After trying his first hog roast and crackling roll, he couldn’t believe what he was tasting as the meat was cooked to perfection especially when it was accompanied by apple sauce and crackling. Like all party goers, he was very hungry and decided to go back for another serving which he ate just as quickly. I remember his second hog roast roll being full of tender lamb and even beef which isn’t a normal combination for a roll but when it is on offer you’ve got to try it, haven’t you? Well, I’m glad he did for it was even better than before especially as I had scooped up a generous serving of pasta salad on to his plate. To say this food wasn’t good enough would be a downright lie as it was enjoyed tremendously.

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