Hog Roast Catering In Suffolk

Suffolk is without doubt one of the finest places to have a bespoke hog roast or spit roast catered event. Whether you are a tourist or a native to this fabulous region of England – there is always something to do of interest. Although the metropolitan region of Suffolk is indeed very small, its situation both physically and geographically places it into a position where there is plenty of sunshine, plenty of space as well as lots to do at any time of the year. Situated on the very eastern coast of the English mainland, the county of Suffolk is home to some of the most beautiful flowering plants – especially in Hog Roast Alvecote – some beautiful specimens indeed. This hints also at why its such a great place to have a hog and spit roast catered event with us; the fact is, that natural life thrives in this part of the country. Thus, the produce which we use upon our spits is truly and utterly second to none – however I will come to that shortly. With its small size in area, the county of Suffolk does indeed have a low population – but I believe the locals by far and away prefer it like that – especially in Hog Roast Newmarket and other such areas. By having a low population density, the people of the area enjoy a lovely calm – great conditions for a bespoke hog roast catered event.

Although Suffolk used to fall into the East Anglia region, the area now stands proudly within its own confines – happy to be recognised for its own status, Suffolk has as much identity as anywhere else. When it comes to providing our bespoke spit roasted services, there is truly nowhere like it. First and foremost is the nature of the place itself – which is often used as a tourist destination. At so many of our varied and diverse range of hog roast events over the course of a year, we are so happy to roast for tourists. They come and love the area – and with places like Hog Roast Glemsford who can blame them. On arrival at their chosen location of their spit roast event, they are treated to a thoroughly sensory experience which they will never forget. First of all, we roast all of our whole meats from scratch in front of our guests. Not only does this include them in the Hog Roast Eriswell process from the start, but it also ensures that they see just how high quality our locally and freshly sourced meats are. Whilst the meats are roasting slowly over the flames of our tailored hog and spit roasting machines, our chefs set to work preparing the rest of the dishes which will accompany their meats. By being able to see our chefs at work in Hog Roast Stowupland, our clients know exactly what it is they are getting when it comes to getting their great food in Hog Roast Cranleigh.

Areas in and around Suffolk we offer hog roast catering too.Bildeston, Bungay, Bury St Edmunds, Felixstowe, Sudbury, Halesworth, Ipswich, Ixworth, Kessingland, Long Melford, Martlesham, Needham Market, Newmarket, Stowmarket, Hadleigh, Wickham Market, Woodbridge, Woolpit.

“Great food at superb prices in Suffolk!”

Around since the Saxon times Saxmundham is a small village town which hosts a fantastic market place every weekend. It is the place to be for excellent bargains, you will find lots of local organic farm produce such as eggs, jams, cheese, bread, poultry, lamb, beef and pork. All on your own door step, local ingredients from local farmers ensures the meat is treated humanely and not subject to long transportation which distresses animals and affects their overall quality. There are a host of farmers market and local butchers, meaning you are never far from getting the best quality meat and livestock at the cheapest price. Cooking the meat on one of our spit roast machines will ensure it is cooked to perfection in front of your eyes. Not wasting a piece of the meat joint you will find that roasting machines are also a great cost effective way of catering for a large group of people. Stalls serving Fresh Pork roasting on a spit have proved very popular at many farmers markets with butchers and customers often renting our machines and selling fresh sandwiches of pork with apple sauce or fresh cuts of beef with mustard; on a cold winter morning warm sandwiches are the perfect thing to warm people up. Providing more meat than a bacon sandwich and much better quality meat than the many burger and hot dog stands, more people prefer the meat from a roasting machine combining top quality meat with slow roasting cooking ensures the perfect roast pork, beef or lamb sandwich. We are able to provide a machine for the day and by selling their own meat in hot sandwiches, butchers and stall owners can keep the profits. Fancy investing that money in a roasting machine and you will find you have made your money back in no time at all.

The rise in popularity of organic locally sourced food has seen an increase in the use of roasting machines at home and family parties as well as at farmers markets and village fairs. The low cost of running and renting a roasting machine has found us becoming more popular all across East Anglia and the UK. If you want to give your party a unique traditional feel our machines will provide top quality meat cooked to perfection for a price not dissimilar to hosting and preparing the usual barbecue. You can provide your own meat joints and cook it in front of your guests in much the same way as a barbecue without getting the gritty burnt texture and flavour disposable barbecues often give burgers and sausages. Next time you have a party why not treat your family and guests to a more luxurious eating experience for a fraction of the usual catering costs. It will provide good quality cooked meat and prove a big talking point that your guests remember for a long time to come.

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