Hog Roast Catering In Bedfordshire

The great and historic county of Bedfordshire sits deep in the heart of England. With fantastic areas such as Hog Roast Bedford, people who are native to the area are very lucky indeed. Full of Saxon history, the idea of having a hog roast or spit roast catered event is not a new idea at all. Back in the early centuries following the birth of Christ, the region which sits in the modern defined areas of Bedfordshire was full of forest and undulations. Amidst these lands, wild pigs will have roamed, snuffling and searching for their fodder. Also, the inhabitants would have chased and hunted them – eager to put them on a spit – how many similarities we have with our ancestors! Today, in places such as Hog Roast Clophill, you too can take advantage of our fantastic hog and spit roast menus – where our food is always excellent and mightily delicious. When you compare the standard of food which we create by using our glorious spit roast machines in places such as Hog Roast Wingfield, with food from more standard forms of catering – it is easy to see just why our services are becoming more and more in demand, on an increasing basis. By using the whole carcass of the pig, lamb or chickens and turkeys, we ensure that none of the natural flavour is lost. Instead, especially with our wedding menus in Hog Roast Langford, by slowly roasting the meat over flames, we accentuate the quality standard – as well as massively underlining the taste of the meat. By preparing it with perfection, we always ensure the most exceptional crackling – which everyone loves. By slowly roasting our meats, the moisture levels which are retained are far beyond any method of roasting – and by some considerable margin too. Over the course of six hours or so, you can see the whole hog slowly turning golden – visible through the glass panel of our hog and spit roast machines. As the meat roasts slowly towards its golden and crackly conclusion, your guests are treated not only to the fantastic sight of the roasting hog – but also the glorious smells which are transmitted from the hog. This smell drifts around your event location – be it indoors or outdoors. The smell heightens anticipation and people absolutely love it. The natural beauty of Bedfordshire suits a hog and spit roast event right down to the ground. Sourcing meats in areas such as the Chiltern Hills, the standard of quality which can be obtained in terms of ingredients is simply mind-boggling – we absolutely love it.

So whether you’re up near the River Ouse having a day fishing, or whether you and your guests are situated in the gorgeous Hog Roast Aldermaston, there really is only one choice to make when it comes to booking your next hog and spit roast catered event. With us, you will see just how much a hog roast can transform your event totally.

Areas in and around Bedfordshire we offer hog roast catering to:Ampthill, Barton Le Clay, Stotfold, Biggleswade, Bromham, Cople, Cranfield, Dunstable, Flitwick, Houghton Regis, Kempston, Luton, Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Sandy, Bedford.

Here at hog roast catering we feel that we can solve all your hog roast catering needs. Whether you’re having a wedding at Clophill or having a party at Langford we can help. We provide delicious hog roast catering for any event. We offer a wide variety of menus for you and your guests to choose from so you are spoilt for choice. We provide the
perfect alternative to classic catering options. Rather than having a traditional cold buffet or a formal sit-down meal; why not try one of our delicious hog roasts?

“We feel that a hog roast is perfect for all occasions as it can be dressed up or down depending on the context of your event.”

You can choose from a range of menus starting from simple but delicious spit roasted pig sandwiches, to a full hog roast buffet served and cooked by one of our professionally trained hog roast chefs. Whatever option you pick; we will make sure it is perfect for you. Also depending on what menu you decide on, we provide waiting staff for your event included in the price. We want to make sure
that all bases are covered when you use us for your party. The most important thing for us is to provide you with excellent food. And we guarantee that all of our hog roasts are of the finest quality and freshness. When using us for catering we make sure one of our trained chefs arrives six hours before your event to cook your hog roast.
This fresh and live preparation has mouth watering results. The hog roast is cooked to perfection on an eye catching spit roast providing delicious and succulent meat for all your guests. As well as providing the delicious hog roast we also prepare any side orders you have chosen to accompany your roast. We aim to make everything perfect and
give every aspect of your food full attention. We also make sure that all your guests are treated well and served by professional waiters and front of house staff. When organising catering for any event you want to make everyone satisfied. Providing good food is the most important way of doing this. But one thing that most other
forms of catering cannot do is wow guests simply by looking good. Our hog roasts are unique in the fact that they can provide the perfect focal point for any location and event. We can set up one of our spit roast machines any where across the county. Our spit roast machines slowly spin and cook your hog roast in front of all your
guests; this kind of live preparation sets us apart from all of our other competitors. There is nothing else like it on the market at the moment. A spit roast is a really good way to impress people at your party and will really whet the appetites of everyone. Also the live preparation of all the food creates a very fresh and authentic feel to the food. Usually if something looks good then it tastes good.

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