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The county of Cleveland literally translates to ‘cliff-land.’ This name gives a more than adequate synopsis of many of the areas which are in and around this fabulous region of the British Isles. Like many areas and counties in the United Kingdom, the formal boundaries which define this non-metropolitan county were defined in 1972. Hog Roast Bosley features heavily in the instance where many areas were shifted into unitary authorities and regional areas under the government legislation of 1972. In terms of our hog and spit roast catered services in this part of the land – we simply couldn’t be happier to serve such a broad and eclectic client base. With beautiful sea-lined coasts near Hog Roast Redcar, for example, many people and folk of the area adore their fish and high quality seafood.

An interesting point regarding some of the nicest and highest quality seafood from the Cleveland coasts, is that much of it gets exported to mainland Europe – what a shame! And although we often serve beautifully dressed salmon at many of the events in areas such as Hog Roast Hinderwell – it is more often the case by a huge margin that we spit roast, carve and serve our celebrated whole hogs. Being so close to such amiable and fertile farming areas, the prospect of receiving exceptional produce is one that is so easy. This means that when we arrive at the location and venue of our clients, they can witness and indulge in the whole process from start to finish. In our many years in the bespoke hog and spit roasting trade near the gorgeous teeside region, we have seen many hog and spit roast caterers come and go. Many of them have no longevity at all – and this is nearly always due to the fact that they take shortcuts when it comes to the events of their clients. With us, we use the freshest produce available – which means when you see us placing the pig on the spit – and witness it roasting to its lovely perfect serving time – you know that you’ve chosen well. Our teams in Hog Roast Nunthorpe love how local the produce can be – something which is echoed by our catering teams in and around Hog Roast Wolviston also.

Areas in and around Cleveland we offer hog roast catering too.Billingham, Teeside, Guisborough, Marske-by-Sea, Middlesbrough, Redcar, Saltburn, Skelton, Stockton On Tees, Stokesley, Brotton, Thornaby, Yarm.

Cleveland has such a rich history and has been the scene of many Saxon battles – most of which were followed by celebrations involving a glorious and delightful spit roasted hog. Today, we stand staunchly behind the use of spit roasting over flames as the best and most taste-inspiring way to roast meat. However, we also adopt modern techniques and approaches which allow for an even better result to ensue. Just like our corporate catering in Hog Roast Fowey – any of our clients can choose any menu they wish from our easy to use website. Simply send us an email via the simple form and we are on our way to getting you a quote for your next event.

“We can cater on events for 20 people or 1,000 people with our specially made indoor and outdoor spit roasting machines.”

At a local market we noticed a hog roast sandwich stall. The stall wasn’t the largest there but the food was mighty, especially as the smell was overpowering to such an extent that we had two rolls. In that roll was perhaps the tastiest meat I have ever had. Not having tasted anything like this before, it was different from all other types of meat which I had sampled in a carvery at our local pub as the smoked meat tasted wonderful especially when it was accompanied with apple sauce and ketchup, it was cooked over a spit which gave it an incredibly good taste which was second to none. Anyway, as we continued to walk around the food festival and sampled the other food on offer, this joyful afternoon allowed for a memorable time to be created and was made even better after the local pub in the town had opened and we both decided that we spend a few extra hours of bliss in this beautiful location. As last orders were called, we walked towards the town centre once more and found that the same van which had served us hog roast was still popular and crowds were queuing up down the street as word had got round about how wonderful their food was. Not turning down this offer, we queued up and within a few minutes we were given our second helping which tasted remarkable. Although we did not have it on our first serving, we also had Waldorf salad which was accompanied by a potato salad. This only added to what was a remarkable day and showed how wonderful hog roast meat can be.

After taking down the name of the company which provided hog roast catering, I searched for them on the internet and found out that they were soon to be hosting another hog roast catering event a few days later in a location which was closer to our home town. As we headed back, we both anticipated that occasion.

Our previous thoughts were not to be disappointed as the hog roast meat which we had was just as tasty as before and we enjoyed ourselves to such an extent that we have hired the same company for my wife’s and I’s next anniversary. To say we are hooked is an understatement but when the food is that good who can argue with this?

As I said, Cleveland is a wonderful place which continues to make a lasting impression on us both. If you’ve not been already been to this location or tried hog roast meat before, then why not do both and attend a hog roast event in this wonderful place? The machines are finely crafted and optimised for catering and come with several attachments allowing us to cook not just pigs for you.

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