Hog Roast Catering In Dorset

The applicably sun drenched county of Dorset is undoubtedly one of the finest and most popular tourist destinations across the whole of the expansive and varied British Isles. A joyous place to be, Dorset is home to some of the most interesting wildlife as well as geographical features – great for all the family to enjoy – just like our delicious pork, stuffing, apple sauce and crackling rolls – brimming with flavour and fresh off our spit roasting machine units. In areas like the hilly Hog Roast Avonwick, you can treat yourself to a nice long and lovely walk – followed by a splendid hog roast menu from one of our large range of menus on offer. It doesn’t matter where you are in the region and area of Dorset – as it is such a fantastic place. In Hog Roast Dorchester we have had some of our most delightful wedding catered events – washed down with local ales and celebrated ciders. When it comes to providing the right wedding catering – many catering outfits out there just don’t get it. It isn’t simply about turning up and getting the job done – it really is so much more than this. First of all, all of our menus and menu items are prepared and roasted with the same exacting attention to detail.

However, at weddings, people want lasting memories to be made. Therefore, our service department ensures that the way in which our clients are served – always with attentive and enthusiastic staff, as well as a fully engaging service. Thus, we have helped to great lasting memories with our hog and spit roast wedding catering, from Hog Roast Walkford, right through to the beautiful and increasingly popular town of Hog Roast West Parley. When it comes to providing the hog and spit roast service in any of its various menu-based guises – we all love plying our trade in Dorset. First and foremost is our love for the hog roast itself – which ties in directly with our human and ancestral history. In this regard, Dorset is a county laden with topical and relevant history that both intrigues us and inspires us to make our hog and spit roasts even better. It was in Dorset that the Glorious Revolution was instigated, it was here where the Great Dyke held up Saxon invaders for 150 years – and here where they will have celebrated with a hog roast, no doubt- not far from Hog Roast Osmington.

With such an emphasis on culture as well as having such an abundance of fantastic attractions, there really is no other place like Dorset for a hog roast catered event. Due to our use of our own specially adapted machines, we can roast our lovely meats and prepare exemplary side dishes and accompaniments in absolutely any location – indoors or outdoors. There really is nothing more beautiful than a hog roast on the beach as the sun sets in lovely Hog Roast Carrville.

Areas in and around Dorset we offer hog roast catering:

Beaminster, Blandford Forum, Blandford St. Mary, Bournemouth, Bridport, Christchurch, Dorchester, Ferndown, Longham, Poole, Lyme Regis, Shaftesbury, Sherborne, Sturminster Newton, Swanage, Wareham, Weymouth, Wimborne.

“For all social occasions, choosing a hog roast catering company is highly recommended.”

I just love living in Dorset it is such an interesting county with great big rolling downs and sea side views it really does have it all. There is always something going on as well people of Dorset love an excuse for a party. Whilst attending our Dorset school reunion, I was feeling peckish but did not really fancy a burger however, situated in the corner of the room was a stall which was producing the best food smell I had experienced for quite a while, the wonderful array of meat was simply wonderful. Not only was there hog able to be eaten but also lamb and chicken as well. Next to the hog roast stand was another table where other food types were provided for by the same hog roast caterer. I could see potato salad and other types of salad available as well as canapes which weren’t only just on this table but were being served by smartly dressed waiters and waitresses who had these canapes placed on trays. These guys where pulling out all the stops and it was some of the best food I had seen in ages.

As the evening progressed, I mingled and talked with friends who I hadn’t seen for over a decade. Although it was a minor inconvenience, many of the people who I was talking to were distracted by the hog roast food which was being served. Not only were many people continuing to join the queue for their next serving but the smell which was coming from the pig spit roast was simply delicious. It was that tempting that even I had to leave several of my conversations and join the queue. Although there were some of us who did spend the entire evening on the dance floor, other people still couldn’t stop themselves from joining the queue for further servings of hog roast as we spent the evening reminiscing about the escapades which we once got up to. Trying all options, I went for every single type of meat on offer especially when it was combined with chilli pickle that the same hog roast caterer produced as well. The chef was superb, as his hog roast was incredibly popular, presenting a business card, I was that impressed with the services which he provided that six weeks later I hired him for a friends surprise birthday party which I was organising. Asking him how much he charged, he said to me the price which he provided for our school reunion and it was incredibly reasonable. So, when I hired him for the aforementioned birthday party I was incredibly satisfied with the price which I received. The night was a complete success and it was great to see everyone again.

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