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Hampshire is a celebrated ceremonial county which lies at the very south of the British Isles. Synonymous with beautiful weather as well as being the nearest point of call and location for embarkation when it comes to travelling to the lovely and highly popular island of the Isle of Wight, it is also the case that it is the home of the nations premier hog and spit roast catering provider. And that, my friends, is a fact. In areas such as Hog Roast Alvington we have created and crafted hog and spit roast catered events which have made lasting memories for our many clients who reside there. By always going beyond the call of duty, we ensure that the food served on to the plates of our clients and customers bears the hallmarks of culinary greatness and skill – every time and at any event we cater at.

Hampshire has always been special to us – and that’s because it really is the best place to have a hog and spit roasted event. We have catered at events on the back of yachts when Cowes week is in full swing – providing us with the opportunity to really showcase the fact that we can cater absolutely anywhere and under any conditions that nature hurls our way. In areas such as Hog Roast Fareham we also showcase our abilities in this field of event flexibility. Where many caterers need to have access to amenities at the locations such as Hog Roast Minstead – we utilise our very own hog and spit roast machine technologies in order to be completely self sufficient at events – we don’t even need electricity for our spit roast machines!

Although Hampshire has had in many ways a protected past when compared to many other English counties – it is by no means without its historical relevance’s to the success and legend which make up the rich and bountiful tapestry of the United Kingdom. In Hog Roast Bromyard you can approach the areas prevalent with the Royal Navy – who sailed the high seas from Hampshire ports – tasked with keeping us safe. From here, many explorers set sail to distant and foreign lands in order to explore and bring back treasures to the mainland. On these numerous and often dangerous missions around the globe, many captains were surprised to see that the spit roasting method was used all over the world by many different and varied cultures. Bringing back tales of woe and struggle, the best way for the sailors to let their hair down was to have a jolly hog roast when they got home. Today, our hog and spit roasting operations take us all over the region – from the sourcing of ingredients through to the catering assignments – its something all of our fully trained and highly skilled technicians and chefs absolutely love. So when it comes to booking in your next event in the Hampshire county – you need only look here for food that will blow you away – whatever the location!

Another happy Hog Roast Catering customer shares his experience with us. “The Christening party happened in a medium sized house so there really wasn’t enough room for hundreds of people to attend. There, my friend had opened up a small buffet for us all and right in the corner was a hog roast catering van. Intrigued as I walked towards it, I had never tasted hog roast meat before and was instantly drawn in as it tasted beautiful. With a side serving of apple sauce, I also feasted on a potato salad and this offering was perhaps the best food I have had for years. So, I decided that I would choose to use the same hog roast caterer which had been used at the christening party I attended for my own event. And I wasn’t to be disappointed. Contacting me the day before, it was discussed with me about the services I was to receive and a complete list was run through with me. Impressed by the price, I agreed that this was more than apt for my after-show requirements. The day came and the hog roast caterer arrived promptly. In fact, he turned up a few hours before so he could set his hog oven up and bring his equipment in such as his make-shift stand which details his company name and logo with his contact details on display. At no point did I have to concern myself with the services he was about to provide as his assured attitude reaffirmed me that I had chosen the right catering company to make a positive impression. This was convenient as I had a performance to give to another packed house. A few hours later and we all headed to where the cast party was to take place which was only a few miles away from the Hampshire theatre. To everyone’s pleasant surprise, my colleagues couldn’t help noticing the hog roast caterer especially as the smell coming from his stand was overpoweringly good. With the conversation moved to the queue for our hog roast, we all feasted for the next few hours on succulent hog, beef and even lamb with a vegetarian offering provided as well.

This allowed for further satisfaction to be supplied as well as not all of my colleagues are meat eaters. Some of them are vegans so the food which they eat is very important. As well as this variety, we were also treated to other condiments such as pasta salads and even a selection of fruit drinks which tasted delightful when accompanied with our latest serving of hog. And, as the evening progressed so did the food as well and within a few hours we were at full capacity and, not surprisingly, the entire hog roast was eaten which had everyone positively commenting about it. So, if you are arranging a cast party or any social occasion in Hampshire choosing hog roast catering would be an amazing opportunity as it not only provided everyone at my own social occasion with a memorable and distinct night but it gave us an insight into this wonderful way to cook succulent food which is still being discussed to this day.”

Areas in and around Hampshire we offer hog roast catering:Lymington, Alresford, Andover, Barton on Sea, Basingstoke, Bordon, Eastleigh, Fareham, Farnborough, Fleet, Fordingbridge, Gosport, Hartley Wintney, Havant, Hayling Island, Hook, Kingsclere, Lee on the Solent, Liphook, Liss, Aldershot, Lyndhurst, New Milton, North Baddesley, Ringwood, Old Basing, Petersfield, Portchester, Portsmouth, Romsey, Southampton, Southsea, Tadley, Tidworth, Totton, Waterlooville, Whitchurch, Winchester, Yateley.

We are a new company and really excited about our venture! A group of us were debating what to do when we left catering college and when one friend suggested hog roasting to be honest we all laughed and dismissed the idea at first until our friend went into detail about hog roasting and we were all intrigued! We decided to look into hog roasting further and the Internet filled our imaginations, we had a good history lesson in hog roasting. We spoke to one of our other friends who went backpacking a few years ago during a gap year and had witnessed first hand hog roasting in rural and secluded parts of the world. She said the atmosphere was amazing and the food delicious and we were by then all convinced that hog roasting was the way forward and we couldn’t wait to get started. We knew then that there was a gap in the market, hog roasting in the UK, and we wanted to breathe life into it. We knew that it had all the key elements to be a success plus we were so passionate (and still are!). The four of us all put our money together, which was not a lot to be honest, and bought one machine and one of us had a van to transport the machine so that saved us a bit money. We advertised and within a few days we had our first booking and Hog Roast Hampshire was born! The four of us were all feeling nervous and we checked and double checked the order, food and number of guests over and over again. When we arrived at our first venue everything just fell into place, after all we were all experienced caterers and just did what came naturally – which is cooking! Hog roast hire Hampshire felt relieved, exhausted and physically drained at the end of the day but happy we had did a fantastic job and the guests all said they had never tasted food as good in their lives, which really made our day and we felt elated! That was the start and for the past year every weekend we have been out serving the UK with the finest quality food. We have been so lucky that we have never had to advertise since word of mouth is how we have secured orders and after we leave a party you can guarantee we walk away with an order or a possibility which always turns out to be secure. We have this past year bought more machinery and a new big van and hired a few extra staff and we are really going for it big time. We have just secured our first really large event where we will be catering for one thousand people in the summer at an outdoor event for a large corporate company. We are really excited about this event and know we can pull it off, we are more than ready to show off our skills to a large event. Hog roast Hampshire have been really lucky as people say the first year in business is the hardest but it really has not been the case, everything has ran so smoothly and with all our dedication and loyalty we have thrived and cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for us. We found it really daunting to begin with but we are so pleased that our one friends made us all see sense that hog roasting was one of the better ideas and proof of that is that we are all still here today!

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