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The gracious island of the Isle of Man is a nation in itself and it is packed full of great things to do. Although under the wing of Britain, it has self-determination through the use and practice of its fully functional parliament. The Isle of Man is famed for many things – not least its own special breed of cat, which is born without a tail. Not lacking balance, this cat looks a little strange at first, however you soon learn to appreciate its somewhat incomplete form. The Isle of Man is an area where some of the earliest recordings of modern man, or homo sapiens, took place – even with discovered dwelling sites as long ago as 6500 BC, no less. As the providers of epic hog and spit roast catering, we absolutely love living and working here. However, you can’t really call what we do work – and that is partly the reason why we do so well and are growing so quickly as a company. You see, we adore everything about the hog roast and the spit roast as a method and means of cooking and roasting meat. There is no finer way to prepare meat for human consumption; and as a roasting method in its own right it has existed for millennia – not just recently here in Hog Roast Bethesda.

By loving what we do, we ensure that our clients get the full culinary impact of what it is that we do. Instead of turning up and just doing a job, we succeed in creating and crafting food which restaurants simply cannot hope to come close to. They cant do; they have to get food out fast, whereas we know your service time and can thus roast your meat for six or seven hours. Of course, due to the nature of the produce available on the plentiful Isle of Man, combined with the fact that we underline our commitment to great produce – we always love to roast our meats in front of our clients from absolute scratch. Through this approach, our clients are involved in the process from the outset, and it never fails to impress. Our machines have a unique glass panel in them, which allows our customers to see and witness the hog and spit roasting process as it unfolds. Along with this, the smells which circulate are so taste-inspiring that you simply have to smell it to believe it. Whilst the meat roasts towards its ultimate state of readiness, our skilled and qualified chefs craft the accompanying dishes – in the form of salads, canapes or vegetables of a large variety and cooked in different styles to your liking; again, all from scratch. For food lovers, our food has to eaten before you die!

You can’t talk about our lovely Isle of Man and cities such as Hog Roast Douglas without mentioning the TT races that occur each and every year. Full of danger yet incredible to watch, we serve lots of hog and spit roasted meals to crews, riders and spectators. In terms of infusing atmosphere into an occasion, there is nothing like a hog roast, and our food complements the carnival atmosphere of the TT races perfectly.

Areas in and around Isle of Man we offer hog roast catering:Castletown, Douglas, Laxey, Onchan, Peel, Ramsey.

“There is no task that’s too big or too small, too formal or informal.”

The Isle of Man is known for having a great culture of food and farming, with 79% of the island being made up of agricultural farm land and much of the local economy focusing on farming and fishing. Food and farming pay huge contributions to the culture of the Island and the ever rising popularity of Isle of Man hog roast caterers is a true indicator of just how important tasty, local food is to the people who live here. Welcome to Hog Roast Catering, the first and only proper hog roast caterers on the Isle of Man. We marshal the best machines, staff and local food to help our clients throw events worth remembering. We’re one of the elite few dedicated spit roasting companies operating in the UK and provide our services for all different types of events, whether it is an office party or a wedding, a business meeting or a sports function. There is no task that’s too big or too small, too formal or informal. We’ve catered at races, music festivals and farmers markets across the UK, feeding thousands of people at many events. The company started small but like many an Isle of Man rally we’ve roared to popularity and we’re now blessed with catering at hundreds of events each year. Hog roasting is our vehicle and the destination is the best food you’ll ever taste, the tender and juicy flavour-filled meat that we create is the best you’ll come across. We have a number of different menus so all our clients can find food and service to suit your event. The menus range in price and simplicity from 4 course sit down meals to a simple sandwich menu. One thing that’s constant throughout all menu options is the great taste and quality of the food we provide. The equipment that we use is top of the line and you can’t find better hog roast machines than the models we create and use. Equally impressive is the quality and skills that our spit roast chefs have. When you mix the two together and throw in amazingly fresh and ethically sourced produce that we buy from local farmers, you’re left with great tasting food that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Even something as simple as our roasted pig sandwiches are amazingly tasty – it’s because we source our pigs locally, cook them fresh and serve with stuffing, apple sauce, crackling and great tasting company made bread rolls. With the history of the company and the hundreds of people we’ve had the pleasure of cooking for, we’ve over time tweaked and fine tuned our menus and resources which has made our service as close to perfection as possible. Arranging for us to cater at your event is very easy, just get in touch for a quote through our website or by phone with your event details, then if you’re happy with the price we’ll finalise the details of the event and assign you a chef for the event.

We train all of our chefs to the very highest level and many of our chefs have been involved in catering for years, if not decades. When you hire Hog Roast Douglas to cater for your Isle of Man hog roast event you’ll be partnered with your own chef for the event, who will always be available personally by phone. This also puts them in good stead to help you with any questions or difficulties you might have that don’t necessarily relate to catering. You might for example be planning an outdoor event but need a fall back or Plan B if it rains, if that was the case our chef could point you in the right direction for a good, reasonably priced marquee hire company. On the day of the event, after everything is finalised we will show up a couple of hours before hand to prepare the site and in some cases begin cooking the fresh food. Once our job is finished we always make sure to leave the site as it was when we arrived, while packing away and exiting in a non distractive way, so that the rest of your event isn’t interrupted when we are leaving. When Hog Roast Catering are at you’re event you’ll receive a food and service that’s enjoyed by all. Please take a look around our website for further information on our catering, menus, machines and don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you’re interested in our services.

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