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The epic region of Merseyside has never been more pretty. With a huge amount of European investment, the business region around the docklands has been thoroughly re-energised and completely rejuvenated as well as being given a huge amount of potential. However, to simply concentrate on the docklands area of Merseyside would be to give the area quite a large degree of mis-service, as it has areas where it is truly stunning. A great place to work as well as to live, the food we offer at the events of our clients in towns such as Hog Roast Chadderton is something to truly delight in. The region of Merseyside is indeed small in terms of geographical area; however the hearts and the soul of the people whom occupy it make it a far larger place to be. Full of the passion of the north, there is simply no finer way to soak up the personality and feel of the unique Merseyside, than to have a bespoke hog and spit roasted event with us. By simply giving us a call from an area such as Hog Roast Southport, or any other part of the world – you could be just days away from having some of the finest food available in one of the most interesting settings; the glorious Merseyside.

Although geographically very close to the large metropolis of modern Manchester, there is indeed a fierce rivalry which exists between the two mainstays of the north; Liverpool and Manchester. This rivalry is often and best expressed through the rivalry of Manchester United Football Club and Liverpool Football Club. In football terms, Manchester United’s home is Old Trafford, a name famous in the antiquity of the sport – and a formidable place to come if you are an opposing team. Equally, Liverpool Football Clubs home ground is Anfield; an equally taunting and challenging place for opposing teams to come to. Over decades and decades, the Derby Match between Liverpool and Manchester United has shown just how fierce and tough the rivalry is between the two teams – often with violent results. Full of passion for more than just football in areas such as Hog Roast New Brighton, the food in Merseyside has seen a serious shift and increase in terms of quality over the past few decades indeed. Nicknamed ‘Scouse,’ a famous Liverpudlian dish was pretty un-inspriring. However, today, there is a much more discerning palate in Liverpool and Merseyside, particularly in Hog Roast Wavertree for example. The positive shift in the culinary expectations of the people of Merseyside has arguably been led by our approach towards the hog and the spit roast; it is simply the best and finest way to roast any sort of meat at the events of our clients in areas such as Hog Roast Thurstaton, for example. Utilising high quality meat sourced freshly, we roast the meat over beautiful flames in a slow manner. This increases the moistness of the meat and keeps all that lovely Hog Roast Great Snoring flavour locked deep inside it.

Areas in and around Merseyside we offer hog roast catering too. Bebington, Birkenhead, Bootle, Bromborough, Skelmersdale, Crosby, Ellesmere Port, Formby, Haydock, Heswall, Hoylake, Kirkby, Liverpool, Neston, Newton-Le-Willows, Ormskirk, Prenton, Prescot, Runcorn, Scarisbrick, Caldy, Southport, Speke, St Helens, Wallasey, West Kirby, Widnes, Wirral.

“We just want to create a catering experience that fits your budget, fits your event and fits your guests.”

Just on the northern edge of Wirral, there’s a company continuing some of the farming traditions that made the area famous. Not the raising of the animals, mind you but the cooking of them in particular hog roasting. At the hog roast catering, it’s all about the cooking; for us, there’s nothing better than having you gather your closest family and friends around a warm spit and feeding you some beautifully tender pork, wrapped in that perfect crunchy crackling. What we want to do is make your perfect day complete. We can make your wedding night magical, your party one to remember, or your family gathering a warm and comfortable catch-up. Be it a banquet for 3000 or a sandwich set-up for your corporate event, a budget banquet or an extravagant feast, we can provide you a range of meats slow-cooked to perfection, served up with a range of salads and side-dishes, all cooked and prepared fresh on the day and to your specifications (and in front of you whenever possible!) And our speciality is that tender, spit-roasted meat that is utterly unmistakable. We love that moment where the sun rolls down low, the evening draws in and your guests feel that tinge of hunger.

That’s when we let that irresistible aroma float out of our gazebo and slowly but surely catch every single one of your guests on tenterhooks. We also love that awkward moment when everyone is desperate to move towards the beautiful spread we’ve laid out, and nobody wants to move first. And that’s why we love the call-to-arms, that hungry rush and the uniquely English queue and chatter that precedes that first, warm, heartening bite of the freshly cooked, spit-roasted pig, lamb, turkey, chicken, sirloin of beef, or whole roast salmon. And all this takes place while you set-up your event and drift among your guests, comfortable in the thought that we’re there on time, with the gazebo set-up with our specially designed equipment ready to lay-out your arrangement of meats, salads, canapes and desserts. We just want to create a catering experience that fits your budget, fits your event and fits your guests. We locally source our meat and salad to ensure its freshness and pass that fantastic quality onto you. We train our staff in house to make sure we deliver perfection time and time again. We make sure that, unlike other companies, we cook our freshly sourced food from fresh, every time, in front of you. And we keep our equipment manufactured to the very peak of cooking quality, to make sure that meat is perfectly tender, that crackling is that bit crispier and that smell is that bit more intoxicating. The Wirral is definitely made some things famous. But here in Neston, nestling just on that northern edge, we are trying to remember that old-school cooking style, and that fantastic feeling you get when you sit around a spit and tuck into fantastic food with your friends.

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