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No trip to the United Kingdom would ever be complete without a tasteful jaunt up in to the lofty reaches of Northumberland. Although this large ceremonial county is one of the largest in the whole of the glorious British Isles, it is however the one with the very least in terms of population density – with just an estimated amount of 62 people per square kilometre across the whole of the county. This, however, should not be seen or viewed or accepted as any sort of weakness – as it is this link to the wilderness and the inherent lack of overcrowding which makes it such a glorious, beautiful and inspiring place to be – especially places such as Hog Roast Bilsworth, which is a real treat for the avid walker. Situated at the very northern point of mainland England, the county of Northumberland sits directly against the Scottish border to the north and the North Sea to the east.

As the definitive and the very last word in hog roast catering as well as spit roast catering in the region and county of Northumberland – there is very little that we do not know about food. We love this part of the world – as we often rely on repeat custom for our trade.

This approach to catering of course hinges on quality and absolute consistency – which is something we never ever fail or goo back on. Where many other hog roast catering firms from places such as Hog Roast Alnwick having faded into non-existence, we recognise that there can never be any short cuts when it comes to creating the food which we feel proud of and our customers absolutely love to eat. It all comes from the approach and understanding that you have. In the hills and generally undeveloped moorlands of the Northumberland moors, it is easy to see why many artists and painters have indeed found their inspiration here. It is a calming pace, yet a place which instills in one an idea of trying to do better – so one at least can do the place justice. Thus, the people of Northumberland have a certain pride in themselves, and when it comes to mealtimes this manifests itself in them wanting the very best. And why not? In places such as Hog Roast Powburn, we have had the pleasure of catering for a whole host of functions for the same sports club customer throughout one year. At each event, we used different meats and different salad options, however our commitment to quality never changes, a great years worth of events for one client in sunny Hog Roast Seahouses.

Areas in and around Northumberland we offer hog roast catering too.Allendale, Brampton, Amble, Ashington, Bedlington, Berwick upon Tweed, Blyth, Alnwick, Corbridge, Cornhill on tweed, Haltwhistle, Hexham, Kirkwhelpington, Longhorsley, Morpeth, Prudhoe.

“We love what we do and that is precisely why we are good at it”

When it comes to booking in an event in the Northumberland area – it is important to go with a name you can trust, which is why we are so popular in Hog Roast Haydon for example. Always using great produce as well as service with attention to detail – our events in Hog Roast Caunton are worth every penny. Although it’s often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Northumberland, there’s so much more to this county than a world class university. One such example is a large stretch of the river Tyne meanders through its many green fields, picturesque villages and market towns, offering a beautiful passageway to the well-heeled environs of the southern lowlands. Unsurprisingly, most places situated on the river will be popular with tourists all year round simply because of the pleasant scenery, and they’ll all want to eat somewhere while on holiday. With the economy currently in bad shape, more people are choosing to spend their breaks on these shores, and this is good news if you’re running a restaurant, gastro pub or hotel in a popular tourist destination. However, to get the punters in, you need something on your menu to try and dazzle them. This is where we come in. As we’re in the field of hog roast catering, funnily enough, one of the things we do is provide hog roasts with extras for parties, weddings, corporate events and even Christmas dinners. However, we also hire and sell state of the art hog roasting machines akin to what we use whenever we’re out on a catering job. Even with more people holidaying in the UK instead of going abroad, it’s still challenging to try and tempt them into buying something from your business, but by buying or hiring one of our machines, you’ll have the equipment necessary to make something that will have holidaymakers wanting to come back for more.

It will also help your restaurant, pub or hotel save money in the long run, as with our machines, you can cook large joints with it. If you’re intent on spit-roasting a whole pig, it would be easier and cheaper to buy and cook that than it would if you bought individual cuts of pork. Also, it would give the customer a greater choice in terms of which cut of pork they desire. Buying or even hiring one of our hog roasting machines would be a perfect way to either help turn your business around or help an already successful one to grow. Its versatility, usefulness and ability to cook the best meat imaginable makes it a must-have for every chef, restauranter, hotelier and publican in Oxfordshire. Hiring is also a good option if you’re in the hospitality business, and are interested in buying a machine, but you want to try it before coming to a decision on whether to buy one permanently. If you have any questions about our machines, or about our tailor-made hog roast catering menus for parties, weddings or corporate events, then please feel free to get in touch. We’re only a quick e-mail or phone call away.

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