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Somerset is one of the tourist hot-spots in Great Britain – and why not? The lovely coastlines are sun-drenched and offer a great way of getting into the Atlantic surf for a jolly good time indeed. The county itself has a richness and depth comparable to any sauce or reduction crafted by our highly skilled chefs. Of course, our chefs will probably not agree with this – but therein lies the nature of the chef – confident in the extreme. In truth, it can be no other way, as Michel Roux Jnr would agree, people of a nervous disposition do not chefs make. Our services which run across the length, width and breadth of our great county of Somerset have quickly become favourites with many – in areas such as Hog Roast Alveley, our services are supremely popular too. Catering and the culinary landscape of Britain has changed dramatically over the past few decades – that is without doubt. Before the 1970’s, fine dining was something which was continental and had no roots or protractors on our Island. However, with the rise of the celebrity chef crucially started off by Marco Pierre White in his restaurant Harvey’s, there has become a quick instigation into the culinary arts.

Of course, although our food in terms of taste and quality is superior to fine dining restaurants (I will explain why later), the food we most often serve is plated in a different and more hearty way – the way a hog and spit roast event should take place. However, in areas such as Hog Roast Glastonbury, the food revolution filtered into everyday society; thus people became more aware of where their food comes from, more keen to see how their food was sourced – and crucially far more of the belief that they too should be eating exceptional food, as seen in towns and area-ships such as Hog Roast Hawkesbury. This is great for us, as our food is of a quality beyond the normal by a huge and magnificent margin to say the very least indeed. By selecting the best and most fresh meat produce from all over the Somerset region, we have amassed a range of menus suitable for a whole host of parties and styles of function – from private function hog and spit roast catering through to spit roasted wedding catering that has helped to make lasting memories. By utilising our meats to the full potential, we pay the spit roast our homage; as the method of flame roasting slowly in front of guests is un-beatable. A thoroughly sensory experience in Hog Roast Watchett for example, has given our clients some of the best food of their lives. Its all about using great produce and roasting it slowly with skill and attention to detail – at functions in Hog Roast Wincanton for example.

Areas in and around Somerset we offer hog roast catering too.Bath, Bridgwater, Burnham on Sea, Chard, Cheddar, Chew Magna, Clevedon, Congresbury, Radstock, Glastonbury, Highbridge, Honiton, Ilminster, Keynsham, Langport, Long Ashton, Midsomer Norton, Minehead, Frome, Shepton Mallet, Somerton, Street, Taunton, Wells, Weston super Mare, Winscombe, Yeovil.

“When it comes to booking in your next event – choose us and we will show what you’ve been missing”

Using a Somerset hog roast machine hire as a one-off is perfect for outdoor catering, especially if it’s for an event that has a ‘once in a lifetime’ feel about it. Our machines are flexible, can fit a large amount of meat on them, cook it to the point of perfection and allow you to add your own flourishes in the form of glazes, marinades or even toppings such as streaky bacon and Parma ham. As the name suggests, you can cook a whole pig on one of our hog roasting machines, but you can also cook either a leg of lamb, a large joint of beef, a vegetarian alternative such as a nut roast, two whole turkeys or four whole chickens. Their large capacity ensures that you’ve room to cook enough meat for up to fifty people at a time. If you’ve already hired a machine from us and loved using it, or if you own a pub and need something extra in your kitchen, then we also sell hog roasting machines so that you’re able to use them whenever you desire. If anyone living in Somerset wants to eat out at a pub, chances are they’ll venture outside the towns towards somewhere further a field. However, buying this uncomplicated piece of equipment from us will do plenty to persuade the couples and families in town to stay. Having a hog roasting machine to hand could be a lifesaver for your business. As well as cooking the best meat imaginable, it helps to save you money as you’re able to buy meat in larger units.

Using all cuts from a whole pig is cheaper than buying several cuts individually, and it also saves on waste. Also, it gives your customer a choice of what they want from the pig when it’s done.
As well as saving money in the long term on buying meat, it also leaves you more room to cook other things in your oven like vegetables, sides, sauces and desserts. This means you’re able to serve more customers at the same time, which will help improve your pub’s reputation for good, fast service. On top of that, serving meat cooked on the machine is easier than serving it from an oven. All you have to do is cut some of the meat off and put it directly onto the customer’s plate. You can even wheel it out to show your customers how magnificent it looks, which will act as an invitation to order a cut of the spit-roasted meat. As far as hog roast catering is concerned, we have all bases covered. We cater for all sorts of occasions, hire out hog roast machines for one off use and sell machines for permanent use. If you have any questions about our menus or how to use the machines, then please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re more than happy to help with your queries.

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