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Wiltshire is one of the true ancient hubs and areas on the British Isles. Housing some of the most lovely scenery and dramatic tourist havens and cultural hot spots, the county and non-metropolitan region of Wiltshire is a delight to both live and to visit during a holiday period. Indeed, although Britain never claims to have the most ancient burial sites and recordings of human habitation in the world – it still has one particular place that baffles both anthropologists and scientists to this very day. Revered by pagans as well as those who believe that wearing drapey clothes makes you somewhat more in tune with spirituality, the county of Wiltshire holds one of the worlds most ancient and most beautiful mysteries: Stonehenge. Not too far from habited areas and other settlements such as Hog Roast Allerton, this particular site is one which the whole world cannot unlock the answer to. As hog and spit roast providers of the very highest caliber available, we spend many times a year at this site, providing epic spit roasted food, cooked over lovely live flames for the revellers and spirited people who come down at times such as the solstice. Fitting in fantastically with the historic nature of the place, having a hog and spit roast makes the event more real. This is because the people who would’ve been there many centuries ago would have been eating a hog roast too. By recreating this, we help to create a tangible link between between the present and the past.

The spirited folks love this, as they can dance behind the flames as they watch their hog nearing its golden, turning completion. They can stand, near Hog Roast Swindon, transfixed by the hog, its smells against the backdrop of the great immovable stones that make up the features of the mighty Stonehenge. When it comes to providing hog and spit roast catering, there isn’t any stone we leave un-turned. With our company’s history deep in the heart of fine dining and exceptional cuisine – we bring all of our expertise in to the fore and combine it with the stunning method of roasting which is Hog Roasting and Spit Roasting. This all begins with how and crucially where the meat is sourced. By ensuring that all of our meats are exceptionally well sourced, we ensure and instill brilliance from the very start. Taking shortcuts at this point has landed many of our competitors over the years out of business – in places such as Hog Roast Horningsham. We love everything about the hog and spit roast, so taking shortcuts on the meat sourcing, we feel, is disrespecting the very method which we love and revere. On top of this, we always roast our whole meats from scratch in front of our customers, ensuring that they have a great engaging experience with the theatre of the hog roast – something important in Hog Roast East Knoyle as we don’t just eat with our mouths, it involves and invokes the senses in Hog Roast Farley.

Areas in and around Wiltshire we offer hog roast catering too – Amesbury, Calne, Durrington, Corsham, Devizes, Chippenham, Highworth, , Malmesbury, Marlborough, Melksham, Salisbury, Swindon, Trowbridge, Warminster, Westbury, Wootton Bassett.

“Epic spit roasted food, cooked over lovely live flames”

Wiltshire is a great place to hold a hog roast catering event and we have seen a massive increase in the demand for hog roast catering in Wiltshire. With this level of activity in the area we believe that it would be the ideal place to open a hog roast restaurant or even reinvent your existing restaurant and hire one of machines. Here at hog roast catering we offer an excellent Wiltshire hog roast machine hire service. Our hog roast machines are the best in the business. Our top of the range machines are very easy to use and are available to everyone; whether you are a qualified chef or just somebody how wants to try their hand at hog roasting. Being easy to use is important, especially in the restaurant business. We feel that hiring one of machines would have so many advantages for your restaurant that after you have hired it once you’ll want to buy one. Firstly, and most importantly, our machines help you cook absolutely delicious food. Hog roasting is a modern take on traditional barbecuing. It doesn’t matter whether you want to cook a leg of lamb or a piece of gammon the food will come out succulent and will melt in your mouth. You don’t just have to use it Sundays for a roast dinner; it can be used throughout to prepare all kinds of meals.

There are no restrictions on what kind of meat you can cook. You can also cook vegetables on our machines too. With one of our machines the possibilities are endless. There are also no restrictions on where your hog roast machine can be located. If you are hosting an outdoor event such as barbecue our machines can be easily set up and moved outside. One thing that is essential in the catering business is getting a reputation. Here at Wiltshire Hog Roast Catering we are recognised as one of the UK’s leading hog roast catering companies and we feel that using one of our machines would make you stand out from the crowd. When we provide outside catering for events such as weddings and birthday parties we set up our machines so that everyone can see them. We feel that this is one of our unique selling points that could be easily transferred to the restaurant industry. One thing that you don’t see often is the live preparation of food. By having your hog roast machine in view of all the customers they are able to see what goes into making their dinner. This is very different from most places but makes a real difference to the customers. Nothing whets the appetites of people more than being able to see and more importantly smell the food they are about to eat. Also this kind of live preparation of the food shows every customer how fresh everything is. Making one of our machines the focal point of your restaurant would make the dining experience like no other around. So if you wish to get your next event catering booked in – we are only a phone call or an email away, its that easy – for events in Hog Roast Crickhowell, why not?

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