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The stunningly beautiful county of Cambridgeshire is at the very top of the list when it comes to regions in Britain that contain the nations treasure. Not necessarily in financial or in terms of having or containing artefacts – but in many other ways. Ways which could easily be argued to be far more important and relevant to the future security of Britain staying at the top of the world order. Containing some of the most lush and fertile flat plains, the farms and agricultural powerhouses which sit in and amongst the Cambridgeshire area produce some of the most wonderful produce in the land. Great for us as comprehensive hog and spit roast catering providers, these farms and outlets of produce provide us with all the ingredients we need, and more. By having the great responsibility of providing exceptional hog and spit roast catered food from our stunning hog and spit roast machines, we have had the delightful pleasure of serving at locations such as Hog Roast Cryer Hill. Stronger than ever before, our services have never been in such high demand – meaning that more and more people will be enjoying meat as it should be prepared; roasted slow and whole, over lovely dancing flames.

The process of the hog and the spit roast is something that we have loved and nurtured over our many years in the trade. When we began with our events in and near Hog Roast Peterborough, the standard of the hog and spit roast in the region and Britain as a whole was very poor indeed. By adapting our own hog and spit roasting machines as well as pioneering our own approaches in terms of roasting styles, we quickly became the most efficient and successful at providing restaurant destroying food at any location our clients wished for. No longer were people in Hog Roast Fen Ditton having to make do with mediocrity on their plates. With us, our clients then and now, receive food which is flame roasted in front of them, served with a whole multitude of side dishes and accompanying recipes – it is really that great!

In areas such as Hog Roast Horningsea we have enjoyed great success – a success that inherently one can feel when in Cambridge itself. The University for example, though close to other areas such as Hog Roast Witcham, is a pillar and station of academic prowess. From this institution, some of the greatest minds of the world have been honed and made more productive and thoughtful. When in and amongst the university areas, it is always pleasant to have a gorgeous hog or spit roast, and it is a real hit with many of the students there – who just cannot get enough spit roasted pork. By sticking to our solid hog and spit roasting principles in all aspects of our trade, our food and culinary base has grown and grown. By using high quality produce, roasted slowly to ensure the very finest meat ensues, our vast and numerous catering teams allow the people of Cambridgeshire and Hog Roast Burtonwood to enjoy the very finest when it comes to their dining experience – it really is that good.

Areas in and around Cambridgeshire we offer hog roast catering:Burwell, Huntingdon, Chatteris, Crowland, Ely, Godmanchester, Great Shelford, Haverhill, Cambridge, Littleport, March, Oundle, Peterborough, Sawston, Sawtry, St Neots, Whittlesey, Wisbech.

“Enjoy meat as it should be prepared; roasted slow and whole, over lovely dancing flames”

Our Cambridgeshire hog roast is prepared to the highest standard so you know you’re getting the best, we conform to the strictest health and safety regulations in our catering as demonstrated by our food hygiene certificates, our food handling certificates, public liability insurance and our C.E. Approval certificates. Our commitment and years of experience in Chorley will ensure that the catering at your event will be professionally managed and provide an ample supply of brilliant food for your guests! We recently provided catering at a festival in Cambridge and had this great customer feed back: “Whilst wandering around a local fete I saw a whole pig slowly turning on a spit. This was a hog roast catering stand and my youngest child couldn’t wait to have her own hog roast roll as the smell wafted across the entire village. In the case of the hog roast van, I gave in and decided to treat everyone to whatever they wanted. As we walked away from the hog roast machine, we were armed with just about the tastiest offering we have all had for a while. Covered in apple sauce with a gentle smothering of butter, even though my children’s mouths are a great deal smaller than mine and my wife’s they somehow ate it as quick as it was served and they were soon asking for more. My wife consumed hers just as quickly and I wasn’t too far behind her. The hog roast scent reached us once again and barely a few minutes passed before my wife said that she would pay for another hog roast roll. But this time we wanted some different accompaniments. As well as a hog being cooked on what looked like a medieval spit, nearby the pig was a very succulent looking whole rack of beef which was being cut away and served to the family in front of us. The beef looked just as tempting for all of us and instead of hog we decided to go for this alternative. With the slices served even bigger than we had a few minutes ago, it took a while longer for this to be eaten by yours truly and my two youngest but only by a few seconds.

However, after eating this newest serving we were all pleasantly surprised that something we hadn’t eaten before was enjoyed so much. After the crowds had dispersed, I decided to ask the people carving up the beef and hog about if this was the first event they’ve catered for. Saying no, this was their second engagement of the weekend as just the day before they had been at another gathering in another village nearby where they’d catered for a birthday party. They said to me that if I wanted to be informed about other public events in the near future, they had a website which detailed where they would be providing hog roast services. A business card was then produced which detailed this website and I knew that as soon as I got back to the family home I would want to find out the exact details and I can definitely recommend hog roast catering as their food was super and delicious.”

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