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The beautiful and quintessential non-metropolitan county of Buckinghamshire is often regarded as one of the most literate and socially productive counties in the United Kingdom. With its officially determined boundaries being recognised by all relevant national institutions, the county itself is often used and utilised as an exceptional getaway from the hustle and bustle of London. In areas such as Hog Roast Colnbrook there is a huge amount to do – and the proximity in terms of distance from London, both ‘as the crow flies,’ or via the celebrated road network in the area, redefines simplicity and convenience. As an area and part of the country to serve our fabulous hog and spit roasts at the events and functions of our expansive and broad client base – there is no other place like it. We just cannot get enough when it comes to serving epic hog and spit roast events in Hog Roast High Wycombe. Equally, when it comes to our range of menus which are always easy to access – we ensure that we can serve each and any combination our customers wish – from weddings in Hog Roast Quainton, through to catering in other parts of the leafy and beautiful county area.

Historically, you cannot get more of an ancient approach to food preparation than the hog and the spit roast. Without doubt, the method of slow-roasting over flames, particularly when used for the roasting of whole carcasses, has been a human practice for almost as long as humanity has existed. Especially in areas such as Hog Roast Stoke Mandeville, which has neolithic roots – so much history there is contained within our beautiful and undulating region. Over the years, humanity and the prospect of evolution means that practices and ideas improve in many aspects of our lives – a prime example being medicine and its improvements over the centuries. In terms of food preparation, however, there has never been an approach to rival that of the hog and the spit roast. Thus, we utilise modern techniques in terms of seasonings and side accompaniments – however, we roast our meat whole and over flames. We do this in-front of you and your clients – allowing you all to be an intrinsic part of the glorious theatrical nature of what it is we do.

Just as with our corporate events in Hog Roast Turville, we ensure that every single one of our events runs smoothly – ensuring that our clients not only receive the very best food, but that they also receive a memorable service. Just like the Kings of old who used to holiday and lunch upon whole roasted pigs in the beautiful county of Buckinghamshire. By using exceptional ingredients and only the most skilled chefs – peoples events and functions have been positively transformed by our eclectic and stunning hog roasts. The whole entirety of our hog roasts are available – especially in Hog Roast Balsham.

Areas in and around Buckinghamshire we offer hog roast catering too.Amersham, Princes Risborough, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Buckingham, Chalfont St Giles, Chalfont St. Peter, Chesham, Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden, Hazlemere, High Wycombe, Marlow, Olney, Prestwood

“We bring a standard of cuisine that is impossible to find anywhere else.”

A good hog roast is a brilliant way to bring people together in a relaxed environment. In a corporate environment after a business meeting, a hog roast can enable people to eat “on the go” enabling networking to continue between people or teams and creating an environment for relaxing and informal chatting between friends and colleagues. Alternatively, a more formal event may be required and Hog Roast Hazlemere has a choice of five menus for corporate events ranging from informal “on the go” breakfast meetings to formal “sit down” events for large groups.

In medieval times a hog roast was a common event and was a very social occasion with good food, good drink, joviality in abundance and an incredible atmosphere tingling all your senses, from the sight and sound of the hog turning and spitting as it is cooking to the smell, texture, taste and flavour of the succulent meat in your mouth. That was in the past, but this is now and we can recreate this and can bring it to you! We have been doing hog roasting for over five years all over Buckinghamshire mainly for private functions, weddings and corporate events at very competitive rates and we pride ourselves on our superb service and the great taste and presentation of our food.

For weddings, we fully understand how important the day is for the Bride and Groom and provide a choice of six menus to cater for your requirements. Our wedding team are highly experienced in event planning and catering and have a critical eye for detail. We believe that it is the small details that make all the difference and having a hog roast as the banquet is a unique way to celebrate this very special day and will provide lasting memories for all guests.

We also cater for any private functions; sports events, celebrations, parties or any other event that you can think of. We provide a choice of six menus ranging from indoor or outdoor and formal or informal situations with the high quality service and freshness of food that you can rely on. With Christmas ,it seems, always only around the corner, we have some very special deals available to make a Christmas banquet that you will never forget. Whatever the event, all of our food is freshly prepared on-site by highly experienced caterers and supported by exceptional staff to ensure that your hog roast will be an unforgettable experience. But what about if your budget is not as high? This could be met as well and every effort is made to meet the budgetary demands of any customer we provide hog roast catering for. If, for example, you only needed the hog supplied and delivered to the event on the day we can do this. And, if you need more from hog roast catering than this, then further services can be provided for, such as serving the food myself (which is called the “DIY approach”) or even if you want to borrow our hog oven or catering van then this can be supplied too.

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