Hog Roast Catering In Berkshire

Berkshire is a metropolitan county which has a large population. A great place to live, the county of Berkshire was ranked as one of the best counties to raise children in the United Kingdom. Full of all the things which make Britain great – Berkshire truly is an exceptional place to have a hog and spit roast catered event with us. In places such as Hog Roast Caddington, we have seen the demand for our bespoke hog and spit roast catering services literally shoot through the roof. There are many reasons for this – but chief among them is the fact that the food we serve to our clients at their venues is simply class leading. By offering food which is beyond the quality of anyone else, whilst also maintaining low, low prices – it is of little wonder that our caterers are now busier than ever – servicing the culinary needs of the folk of our county. History is a very important part of Berkshires spirit. As one of the oldest counties in the whole of England, the history of the initial settlers is very accurate. Where we serve whole roasted pigs on our spits, so too did our ancestors in 840AD, in areas such as Hog Roast Reading.

By utilising an historic method of meat roasting and meat preparation, we have successfully found a way of serving lots of people simultaneously – whilst also making sure that the quality and standard of they food which they receive is restaurant beating in every sense. Where traditional forms of catering stipulate that individual portions need to be prepared and served, we cut this process out of the picture all together. By lovingly marinating and preparing our whole meat carcasses, we can slowly flame roast the meat to a lovely, golden perfection – right in front of your guests very eyes. When in Hog Roast Cookham this is exceptional to see and to behold.

By roasting all of our food at the venue, our clients can see and appreciate the freshness of the produce, whilst also enjoying the fully engage-able theatrical process to the full. The sights, the sounds and the smells of having a hog and spit roast catered event at your venue is something which everyone should try – truly it is a comprehensive sensory experience – making it great for events – as you eat with far more than just your mouth! Cruise on down to Hog Roast Eton to have a jolly good hog and spit roast near the premises of one of the most famous independent schools. Find the right menu for you following a lovely day trip to Hog Roast Tilehurst – for that epic taste and the perfect way to end your day. By ensuring that we only use the freshest produce, our clients receive food which many are simply staggered at. Often, our clients really cannot believe the standard of the food that we can serve at their events – and this makes it really worthwhile for us – especially in Hog Roast Chenies.

Areas in and around Berkshire we offer hog roast catering too. Ascot, Bracknell, Caversham, Crowthorne, Earley, Englefield Green, Hungerford, Maidenhead, Newbury, Reading, Ruscombe, Sandhurst, Slough, Sunningdale, Sunninghill, Windsor, Tilehurst, Twyford, Thatcham, Wokingham.

“Next time you’re organising a social event in Berkshire, why not ask for the services of a hog roast caterer.”

Having lived in many locations in the UK during my life, I have never experienced a better place than Berkshire. Whilst out walking one day we were over come by a wonderful smell which we couldn’t get out of our heads. Walking towards this scent, there was a village party happening populated by lots of smiling, happy people. Situated in the corner was the source of the smell and it was a hog roast caterer. Although we felt rude just turning up and helping ourselves to the food, we paid how much the caterer was asking for and we had ourselves a serving of hog roast which looked and tasted absolutely wonderful. To say this was a taste sensation would have been an understatement and we soon had a further potion of crackling. Although we arrived at our destination later than planned, we reckoned it was worth it as we had experienced a type of food which was absolutely wonderful. It was that impressive that we asked the hog roaster if he could supply catering services for our own event and he said he could.

One week before our event, my wife was contacted by the hog roast caterer where they discussed what we wanted. Offering not just hog but also other types of food such as bbq’s and veggie option, we went for all choices. My wife was positive that not everyone would like hog and would prefer to eat other types of meat. As well as this meat choice, my wife went for the other food items on offer as well which included vegetables, breads and potatoes as well. We like to promote healthy living at our house so thought by adding several salads to our order would benefit our credentials. The price which he quoted to my wife was that impressive that she paid half of it in advance as, judging on what we had previously enjoyed, the food served to our guests would be utterly amazing. As the evening frivolities started to happen, the house was close to heaving point. Not only did our friends and their loved ones turn up but also what seemed like all of the village. As the smell wafted across those in close vicinity of the party, the word spread about this caterer and soon we had to open the garden which is normally closed up during the evenings. The garden was soon close to bulging point with people enjoying our local ales and the hog roast which everyone was gorging on. With everyone commenting on what a lovely spread we had put on, the music provided for by my friend got many people singing and dancing right up until closing time. The evening was a complete success and it was largely attributed to the hog roast caterer who we had hired.

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