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Oxfordshire sits nestled in a lovely and attractive part of the great Island that we all call Great Britain. Hidden away within the towns villages which collectively make up Oxfordshire are many gems and tourist attractions that people absolutely adore. Indeed, Oxfordshire was voted one of the top three tourist destinations in the 2011 Which City guide. Places such as Hog Roast Besthorpe scored very highly indeed, with some of the highest living standards in the country being recorded also. In terms of the history of Oxfordshire along with its relevance to our modern day society, the county and region simply cannot be overestimated at all – as the fruits of Oxfordshire have helped to pave the way for much success on behalf of the nation of Great Britain – with massive input from places such as Hog Roast Banbury. We are the regions and countys premier hog and spit roast catering provider – and working in and around Oxfordshire has been a real labour of love. All the ingredients (pardon the pun!) are here when it comes to providing the very best hog and spit roast catered services to our discerning and enthusiastic public.

First and foremost when it comes to the food we supply to the public from all over the area – in places such as Hog Roast Marsh Gibbon, is the fact that the availability of ingredients in the Oxfordshire region is truly and utterly second to none. With the low level plains and great climate which percolates in and through the Oxfordshire area, the produce which is both grown and reared here is exceptional. Over the years, we have seen so many hog and spit roast caterers drift out of existence purely down to taking short-cuts. In our trade, which is essentially catering – you cannot take shortcuts if you wish to provide great cuisine. Maybe many years ago this approach would’ve been possible – but the reason why our services have grown in areas such as Hog Roast Murcott for example, is due to the fact that we have never taken any shortcuts when it comes to putting our famous hog roasted pork, or spit roasted meats, onto the plates of our customers and clients. And this commitment to quality all begins with the produce. By selecting the freshest produce in terms of meats, we can roast with confidence from a raw state in front of your very eyes – until the meat is roasted golden. Along with this, produce from areas such as Hog Roast Woodstock is great in our salad and vegetable accompaniments – which all come together with our meats to form any menu choice you require. Not just roasting pigs on the spit, our talented and fully trained chefs can roast spring whole lambs, whole turkeys, whole chickens, sides of flame roasted beef and so much more.

All with a whole variety of accompaniments for any occasion at all – our services in Hog Roast Corfton are going down a storm.Your special event could be anything from a corporate gathering, to your daughter’s wedding, or even an excuse to escape and unwind from the hustle and bustle of nearby city living. Whatever the occasion, hog roast catering will fly to the rescue. We do all the hard work be it an indoor function or an outdoor function in a beer garden. We provide the food, the marquee and even the plates and cutlery. Whatever your requirements maybe we are dedicated to honouring them, and providing you with a crackling event.

Areas in and around Oxfordshire we offer hog roast catering too.Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester, Thame, Chipping Norton, Didcot, Faringdon, Henley on Thames, Oxford, Carterton, Wantage, Witney.

“We never make a pig’s ear of things and always ensure your hunger will be cured.”

If you’re a connoisseur of cuisine and regard the kitchen as your kingdom, you can simply hire one of our state-of-the-art hog roast machines and still travel on hog roast catering back to leisure and luxury. We’re as dedicated to you, our valuable customers, as Piglet is to Pooh bear. If you’re planning a party go the whole hog and make it a hog roast party. It’s as curative as mineral spring water, as refreshing as a cold beer on a hot Summer’s day, and definitely not a boar. As you sit in the beauty of Oxfordshire, relaxing in the splendor that is the English countryside, eating and drinking with family and friends. There is one thing that you should never have to worry about. That is the catering. What you need is a cooking solution that has elegance and simplicity, something strictly beautiful yet elegant and functional. What you want is something that mirrors the great and good that gives this place its name. If there is one thing that can do all of this it is the quintessential Englishness of the hog roast. Something so striking that it not only functions as a feast for all, but actually acts as the centre piece of the entire event. Now I have experienced this first hand. Growing up there was a family event every year simply called; ‘The Hog Roast’. Once a year during those blissful summer months we would travel to a large house in the country for the garden party of our lives. Back then the idea of a hog roast was only feasible once a year. Our poor host had to dig a twelve foot hole, bury a foil wrapped swine in a concoction of coal and special stones over night and then, only on the day of the event, dig it up and find out if it was cooked enough to eat. Despite the result the unwrapped pig was the talk of the whole event. It’s why people kept coming back over and over again.

So many choices, which lots of flexibility to suit your catering needs. For more information why not contact us via phone call, or email us so we can give you more information about this wonderful offer and remember, the perfect pig will make the perfect gig! Trot along to our website or follow us on Twitter

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